Coming Distractions: BoJack Horseman is a “bona fide movie star” in the season three trailer

BoJack’s back, and he has successfully made the transition from washed-up sitcom star to bona fide movie star. But is he happy? It’s never that simple, is it? Netflix released the full trailer for BoJack Horseman‘s upcoming third season, which will deal with the aftermath of BoJack’s renewed fame after the success of his Secretariat movie.

The trailer starts with BoJack feeling awesome, basking in the glory of the initial box-office numbers. But he knows all too well that fame comes at a price, and it isn’t long before he’s slipping back into his spiraling and depressive ways. Diane sees it, but Diane is always one step ahead of BoJack when it comes to his inner psyche. “If I win an Oscar, my life will have meaning,” BoJack says. Immediately after, someone shouts through his window, “Hey, aren’t you the horse from Horsin …

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