Coming Distractions: Big changes are afoot in the Game Of Thrones season five trailer

The trailer for Game Of Thrones‘ fifth season debuted last night, before sold-out crowds of people who paid legal currency to watch two TV episodes they’d already seen in a movie theater. That’s how much power Game Of Thrones has. And power, as always, appears to be a major theme in this year’s batch of episodes, as seen in the let’s-just-call-it-unofficial version of the trailer that has leaked online.

In the trailer, those in power, like Westeros’ resident drunk/evil queen Cersei, and those still building their power, like Daenerys Targaryen and “Red Woman” Melisandre, all attempt to assert their dominance, and intrigue follows the Queen Of Thorns wherever she goes, which could mean trouble for Jaime Lannister. Meanwhile, whatever Sansa’s up to, it’s probably pretty traumatizing. Things are changing all around—except for maybe up north, where Jon Snow is still fighting wildlings …

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