Coming Distractions: Based on this ridiculous trailer, Gods Of Egypt might be the best/dumbest movie ever

There are a few films so important to humanity that they practically define our entire culture. Without movies like The Godfather, Citizen Kane, or Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, would people even be able to recognize an idea like regret? Or honor? Or love? Almost certainly not, but as necessary as those films are to our existence, they’re nothing in comparison to Gods Of Egypt, the next movie from I, Robot and The Crow director Alex Proyas. All we have to go on is the trailer you see above, but it’s still abundantly clear that this could very well end up being the greatest and/or dumbest thing that mankind will ever accomplish.

The film is about the pantheon of Egyptian gods fighting each other in dramatic spectacles of CG nonsense, and if that’s somehow not ridiculous enough, it stars Scottish guy Gerard Butler as Set, Danish …

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