Comics Panel: Your patience will be rewarded with the atmospheric Arclight and surreal Stroppy

Fans of Kathryn and Stuart Immonen have been waiting quite some time for their next graphic novel collaboration: Moving Pictures came out almost five years ago and their other joint projects have been fairly short. Both Immonens have done work for Marvel during their time apart, Kathryn writing Runaways and the acclaimed Journey Into Mystery, Stuart providing art for All-New Captain America and All-New X-Men. Separately, the Immonens are talented and skillful craftspeople. Together, they’re enchanting and fierce.

Russian Olive To Red King (AdHouse Books) comes in like the tide, inexorable and inescapable. Intimate to the point of being almost claustrophobic, the book grabs you and drags you under. This is a book that proves graphic novels are just that: novels. While the marriage of the Immonens’ skills is a vital part of the success of Russian Olive To Red King, the plot is such that it could stand …

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