Comics Panel: Wytches feeds on fear, Snackies satisfies, and Mowgli’s Mirror reflects absurdity

Scott Snyder can sell books without anybody’s help. He’s built a reputation for storytelling that’s kept him in Batman books for years, to say nothing of the fans he’s earned with Swamp Thing and The Wake. But when the announcement came that he was working with previous partner-in-crime Jock on a new horror comic, the easy sell turned into a sure bet. There are a couple of comic book teams that work so well together it’s difficult to see where one member ends and the other begins; Snyder and Jock certainly belong to that group. There is something about this Batman: The Black Mirror team that works less like a well oiled machine and more like a hive mind, and the addition of Matt Hollingsworth’s intense colors has turned this all but guaranteed blockbuster book into something really incredible. It was tempting to wait …

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