Comics Panel: Wonder Woman ’77’s strong art doesn’t make up for under-representing women

After an undefined apocalyptic event leaves an eerily human-free world and the Earth scorched and ruined, Simon, a tame dog, finally decides to leave his home and kennel to venture into the woods. His owners have been gone for a while and it doesn’t seem likely they’ll return. Some time on, Simon’s decided that he must forge ahead himself and, him being a dog and all, living in the wild must be the natural option for him to take.

Grouping up with Cliff (a raccoon) and Reynard (a deer), Simon rapidly discovers that in actuality he doesn’t know much about life in the wild, or what it entails, at all. He only has preconceived notions about it, and his brief experience is starkly different from what he’d imagined, leading him to quickly adjust his expectations and realign what it is exactly that he wants—who …

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