Comics Panel: The Sculptor operates in clichés, Silk and The Black Hood show promise

Judging a comic by a first issue is a lot like trying to predict the arc of a TV show based solely on the pilot. Reviewing a #1 feels premature and maybe even unfair, even when the character appeared previously, as is the case with Silk #1 (Marvel). Though Silk was introduced in last year’s Spider-Verse event, it’s not necessary to know anything about Spider-Verse or the history of the title character in order to start with Silk #1, proving that writer Robbie Thompson knows his craft very well. It can be hard to walk the fine line between explaining enough to give new readers a hook without boring hard-core fans.

Thompson’s only previous work at Marvel has been in the Spider-Verse sandbox, so he would have been forgiven if he hadn’t hit his stride so gracefully, though he did work on the comic tie-in for …

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