Comics Panel: Spider-Gwen stumbles, Lost Property charms, and Blammo impresses

The fan reaction to seeing so many new (read: female) faces in the Spider-Verse events last year was overwhelmingly positive, so the February launches of two female-led Spider-books have been highly anticipated. Unfortunately, Spider-Gwen #1 (Marvel) doesn’t land on its feet quite as gracefully as Silk did, proving that even when you’ve got a talented team and a fresh idea with a lot of fan support, you can still miss the mark. Most people know Gwen Stacy as one of Peter Parker’s doomed girlfriends. Her fridging is stuff of legends, and the impact her death has on Peter is immense. However, this version of Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman, bitten by a radioactive spider and forced to reveal her identity to her father in the previous issues.

And that copycat backstory is really the root of the problem here: This Gwen is basically female Peter. Her sense of …

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