Comics Panel: Shipwreck evokes David Lynch to create an ominous atmosphere

Warren Ellis is one of the many high-profile creators that has made Image Comics the home for his recent creator-owned projects, so it was a surprise to hear that he would be launching a new miniseries from young publisher AfterShock Comics. AfterShock has built up quite the stable of talent over the last year, and Ellis joins other industry veterans like Brian Azzarello, Amanda Conner, Garth Ennis, and Mark Waid with Shipwreck, a six-issue psychological horror thriller steeped in hard science fiction. He has another veteran by his side in artist Phil Hester, and Ellis gives his collaborator a challenging script that pushes him to deliver some of the most evocative and haunting imagery of his career.

Shipwreck #1 (AfterShock Comics) is a comic that prioritizes feeling over plot, and the creative team wants the reader to fully comprehend Dr. Jonathan Shipwright’s isolation, disorientation, and fear in his bleak …

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