Comics Panel: Shazam! goes old school, Avengers gets new blood, and No Mercy hits hard

This summer both of the big two publishers are taking the opportunity to throw spaghetti at the wall and figure out what sticks and what they might be able to use in primary continuity. That’s the joy of having multiple universes collide all at once: They can rely on ideas old and new to attract readers and make decisions about what to print in the coming years. Convergence has been serving up a lot of pre-New 52 characters and relationships, relying on nostalgia to figure out where the pasta lands, but some books are reaching a lot further back than others. Though Shazam! (formerly Captain Marvel) has certainly gotten some page time in the New 52, Billy Batson and his merry band of Marvels haven’t seen much panel space in the past few decades, so the decision to give him his own book might seem a bit anomalous …

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