Comics Panel: Sensation Comics reaches greatness by trusting women with Wonder Woman

More than any other version of Wonder Woman right now, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman has managed to identify what makes the character successful and necessary. Published as a digital-first book, Sensation Comics is composed of individual issues written and drawn by different contributors, telling short stories that epitomize the character in all her strength—and faults. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #13 (DC) is written by Barbara Randall Kesel. Kesel is an experienced writer and does very well by this book; she’s known both for her solo writing as well as work she did with ex-husband Karl Kesel, though she’s also won awards for editorial work on titles like Hellboy and she’s long been vocal in her opposition to sexism in the comic book industry.

Kesel works with three different artists and three different colorists to deliver a deceptively straightforward issue. Diana interrupts three young women …

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