Comics Panel: Ron Wimberly’s Prince Of Cats updates Shakespeare through ’80s pastiche

Contrary to what almost every high school student will tell you, Shakespeare isn’t inherently boring, nor is he high-brow. The man made jokes of both the fart and “your mom” variety on the regular, and anyone who thinks Shakespeare is serious needs to remember “Exit, pursued by bear.” There’s a fairly solid argument that the closest modern entertainment to Shakespeare is hip hop music, and Ron Wimberly’s Prince Of Cats (Image) might very well be the best proof of that. Originally published by Vertigo four years ago, Wimberly reworked and perfected the book for it’s hardcover re-release this year. It’s no doubt that Wimberly’s recent acclaim for his work at The Nib and on Stela contributed to interest in a new release, not to mention other upcoming work with Image, and it’s gratifying to see a creator with the intellectual and artistic chops …

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