Comics Panel: Nice try, Marvel, but Vote Loki cuts too close to this election to be much fun

In 2008 DC Comics released a series called DCU: Decisions that promised to reveal the true political affiliations of all your favorite superheroes. Co-written by ideological opposites Bill Willingham and Judd Winick, it was as awful as the description sounds—Power Girl as a law-and-order Republican never seemed to fit, and that was typical of the book’s random attribution of political affiliations. That same year Marvel launched its Dark Reign event, a storyline that began with the premise that a murderous supervillain managed to take over the country with a well-timed PR coup. To say the story stood athwart the political winds of the time would be an understatement. And don’t forget “Superman’s Mission For President Kennedy”—originally slated to be published in December of 1963, before finally seeing print the following summer.

Comic books and electoral politics rarely work together, in other words, and this terrible …

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