Comics Panel: Nanjing proves its worth by exploring history

In the past few years more creators and publishers have seen the relatively untapped potential of comics when it comes to historical storytelling, be it the lighthearted if piercing style of Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant or more serious and studious works like Gene Luen Yang’s remarkable Boxers & Saints. This is nothing new, of course—Maus and Persepolis are two well-known older examplesbut the last decade in particular has seen a boom in history told through comics, and the medium has grown stronger for it.

Young’s wrap-around cover sets the tone for the book perfectly.

It would be easy to lump Nanjing: The Burning City (Dark Horse) with Boxers & Saints. But the latter was an exploration of what most history books call the Boxer Rebellion, which spanned the turn of the last century, while the former tells the story of the Second Sino-Japanese War …

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