Comics Panel: Motor Crush will sear your retinas and have fun doing it

First issues are always difficult. Authors have to introduce readers to the world of their story, revealing enough to make the issues satisfying while withholding enough to compel the reading of the second issue. Too often, this leads to cartoonists structuring the issue as an advertisement for the series. Nothing is satisfied, but some dramatic device—a shock or cliffhanger—serves to entice readers to continue on. Motor Crush #1 (Image Comics) has other faults, but it avoids this common error. Recalling violent future-sports narratives, like Rollerball or Death Race 2000, Motor Crush follows Domino Swift, a motorcyclist balancing her attempts to crack the World Grand Prix and the more illicit world of street racing. Like their protagonist, authors Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, and Babs Tarr balance two distinct concerns: exposition and action—though, like Domino’s, their balancing act is not without hiccups.

Illustrated by Tarr, Motor Crush is …

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