Comics Panel: Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur is a worthwhile new comic Marvel should work to sustain

After months of focusing on the Secret Wars events, Marvel draws its attention back to the far more diverse cast of characters that have been earning press and critical praise for the past few years. Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #1 (Marvel) is one of the more hotly anticipated new titles, and so far it’s earned that enthusiasm.

Writers Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder are working with a lot of unformed clay. Besides Secret Wars: Planet Hulk, Devil Dinosaur hasn’t been seen in comics for some time, and Moon Girl, a.k.a. Lunella Lafayette, is an entirely new character. Montclare and Reeder have worked together before on titles like Madame Xanadu, Halloween Eve, and Rocket Girl, but their roles were of editor-writer (Montclare) and artist (Reeder) rather than collaborating writers. The lighthearted but earnest tone they’ve hit is perfect for Lunella, a nerdy girl with few …

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