Comics Panel: Meet the newest female protagonist in the Star Wars comics universe

There’s a lot riding on Doctor Aphra #1 (Marvel). Launching a new series for a character native to the comics seems significant. Given widespread criticism from long-time fans over the wholesale erasure of two decades’ worth of characters native to the old Expanded Universe (Mara Jade, we hardly knew ye), it makes sense that the powers that be would now want to create as many new characters as possible. Alongside the release of the latest Star Wars film, Aphra represents a similar proposition in the comics themselves, a new type of story with a new type of character front and center.

The first stories in the line’s history, two years ago now, were stylistically conservative and even dull in places. The first arc of the main Star Wars book was so familiar it bordered on pastiche, placing all the expected elements of a Star Wars story front and …

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