Comics Panel: McFarlane and Larsen team up for an exhilarating Spawn bloodbath

Image Comics co-founders Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane made names for themselves drawing bombastic superhero action for Marvel Comics, and their new collaboration on Spawn takes full advantage of those specific skills. Spawn #258 (Image) marks McFarlane’s return to writing and inking the character he created, and he gives incoming penciller Larsen a script that plays to his major strength as an artist: his Kirby-esque talent for bold, powerful fight sequences. This isn’t the comic to pick up for nuanced character development or complex plotting, but it’s the perfect book for readers who want exhilarating, non-stop action, detailing one long fight between Spawn and 3,493 demons.

There’s a “previously in Spawn” blurb on the credits page of this issue, but it’s wholly unnecessary. All the information new readers need to jump into this story is in the overblown narration at the very beginning, providing …

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