Comics Panel: Kenya and Pride set a slow burn, while Miami Vice Remix gets to the ’80s action

The allure of Rodolphe and Léo’s Kenya series is essentially twofold. Readers witness a smorgasbord of various genre elements—globe-trotting adventure, alien invasion tale, spy thriller (with added dinosaurs for taste)—mashed together to somehow produce a cogent, compelling tale. And they see Léo draw the aforementioned beasts and creatures in splendid manner. Set in 1947, this third book, Aberrations (Cinebook), sees interested parties from the British, Americans, Russians—in addition to a few fringe fractions—return to the foot of Mount Kenya to continue investigating reports of strange beasts, crafts, and lights in the sky while surreptitiously eyeballing one another. With the vestiges of aliases and pretense cast off, the search to find and secure evidence of the inexplicable occurrences is underway. British agent Kathy Austin is determined to be the one who gets to the bottom of things.

The weakest element of Kenya is the use of …

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