Comics Panel: Jim Gordon steps into Batman’s shoes and Grant Morrison’s Annihilator concludes

Jim Gordon as a mech-suit-wearing Batman officially sanctioned by the Gotham City Police Department is the kind of idea that probably started off as a joke in a development meeting. Gordon is the main character on a network TV series, so how can he have a bigger part in the Batman comics? Why not throw him in a suit of armor and have him patrol Gotham’s streets as a new Batman? Everyone in the room laughs, and then they fall silent as they realize that actually sounds pretty fun, and now it’s the new Batman status quo.

Writer Scott Snyder and the art team of penciller Greg Capullo, inker Danny Miki, and colorist FCO Plascencia have used Jim Gordon to take Batman (DC) in a refreshing new direction, exploring the idea behind Gotham’s Dark Knight from the perspective of a man who doesn’t have the same …

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