Comics Panel: Howard The Duck is overstuffed; Giant Days and Sleepwalking captivate

Easter eggs and in-jokes are like catnip for nerds. Even if it’s something small, the jolt of recognition from seeing something hidden in plain sight for super-fans is always fun and a great excuse to feel obnoxiously proud of knowing something other people don’t. Howard The Duck #1 (Marvel) manages to walk the fine line between a deep dive aimed at hardcore fans and an easy-to-understand first look for people who only know the character because of his on-screen exposure. Even skipping over the intro to go straight to the art, it’s easy to jump right in; the first page does a great job of introducing the longer story arc as well as Howard’s rather particular attitude. Before Howard himself is even on the page, it’s clear just how surly and misanthropic the character is.

Joe Quinones’ art is easily the star of the first …

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