Comics Panel: Harley Quinn #25 features a breakthrough for DC’s hit character

Harley Quinn is a sales juggernaut at DC Comics. Her main ongoing title is regularly one of the publisher’s top sellers, and her spin-off series, Harley’s Black Book, debuted as the eighth-best-selling book of December. Comparisons have been made between Harley and Marvel’s hit character Deadpool, as their irreverent personalities and violent tendencies have resonated strongly with readers. Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, and Chad Hardin’s Harley Quinn is turning into a character-defining run not unlike Joe Kelly’s initial run on Deadpool, giving Harley a bigger role in the DC universe while expanding her supporting cast and revealing new facets of her psyche. That last bit is what makes Harley Quinn #25 (DC) such a powerful read, featuring a turning point for Harley when she confronts her ex-boyfriend, The Joker.

While appropriate for the character, the writing on Harley Quinn can be a bit scattered, but …

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