Comics Panel: Fantagraphics’ new collection of Boy’s Club feels good, man

You know him, even if you don’t know his name. Pepe The Frog has become famous across the world—or, at least, across the internet—almost completely removed from the context of the stories in which he first appeared. Before the memes, the gifs, and long before “dat boi,” Pepe was just a humble cartoon amphibian in Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club. Pepe lives with three similarly inebriated friends, Andy, Brett, and Landwolf. Their lives are seemingly free of consequences. They are blissfully high all the time, each face permanently plastered with the same slack-jawed grin, signifying that no one is home.

As a wise man once said, big things come from small beginnings. The original Boy’s Club had a tiny print run and was originally published by Buenaventura Press in 2006. There was no expectation that there was anything abnormal going on, at least no more …

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