Comics Panel: DC cuts short an incredibly promising Justice League United run

The first round of cancellations following the start of the DC You publishing initiative began last month with the end of Green Lantern: Lost Army and the presciently titled Doomed, but the most disappointing cancellation hit last week with the conclusion of Justice League United (DC), a series that has experienced remarkable growth since getting a new creative team in July. Writer Jeff Parker’s three-year run on Marvel’s Thunderbolts stands as one of the best superhero team comics of the past 10 years, and he quickly made Justice League United the strongest Justice League title at DC by giving the book a new concept that took advantage of the full scope of the DC Universe.

This eight-page sneak preview released before the start of Parker’s run with artists Travel Foreman and Paul Pelletier spotlights that considerable expansion, and over the course of the next five issues, Parker …

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