Comics Panel: DC Bombshells builds a feminist story from pin-up superhero designs

Cover by Ant Lucia

The oversexualization of female characters is a hot-button issue in superhero comics, so there was reasonable cause for concern when DC announced a new series based on a line of collectible statues depicting its female heroes and villains as ’40s-style pin-up girls. Attaching a creative team of women to the project suggested that the final product would be more than just cheeky cheesecake, but the high quality of DC Bombshells #1 (DC) is still a big surprise considering the book’s titillating source material.

Writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Marguerite Sauvage use Ant Lucia’s pin-up-inspired designs as the foundation for characters that aren’t defined by their sexuality, but by their changing roles as women in World War II, making the series an intriguing re-imagining of DC history in the vein of the publisher’s late Elseworlds line. Kate Kane (Batwoman) plays on a League …

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