Comics Panel: Civil War II fails to capitalize on the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fresh off the heels of a little movie called Captain America: Civil War, Marvel has launched a new Civil War, a thematic sequel to the original 2006 blockbuster. It might have slipped peoples’ minds, what with the attention being paid to DC’s rolling quasi-relaunch Rebirth, or even the publicity firestorm that erupted when Marvel decided to troll its own audience with recent revelations regarding Captain America’s terrorist inclinations. Civil War II arrives to little demand and much indifference, and so far has done little to justify its existence.

Civil War II enters in a muddle, a sequel summoned into existence by the proximity of a movie. It’s difficult to see the germ of inspiration in this story besides a desire to pull a number of disparate threads across the Marvel Universe in the hopes of conjuring an interesting spectacle out of the resultant hodgepodge, on time and …

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