Comics Panel: A salute to the unsung heroes of comics: The sidekicks

For Comics Week, we take a break from our normally scheduled Comics Panel to bring you our favorite second bananas, second stringers, and second fiddles of the comics world.

One of the strangest things to come out of the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Marvel’s inability to figure out what to do with James “Rhodey” Rhodes. He got a short post-Iron Man 2 run that was never canceled, not to mention the recent trauma induced by Bendis and company. For how short it was, Ales Kot and Gary Brown’s five-issue Iron Patriot (Marvel) was a compelling and fascinating look at what it means to be James Rhodes. Rather than framing Rhodey’s life around Tony Stark, it gave Rhodey an opponent that targeted him personally. Unsurprisingly, given his penchant for political and social commentary, Kot integrated Rhodey’s military service far more seamlessly and deliberately …

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