Comics Panel: A black man discovers his superpowers in the refreshingly confrontational Black

It’s unfortunate that readers don’t stray from the three largest publishers more often, because there’s some interesting stuff happening in independent publishing right now. Black #1 (Black Mask Studios) is one of several books from Black Mask Studios that’s making waves and earning acclaim, along with titles like Kim & Kim, We Can Never Go Home, and Jade Street Protection Services. Black is premiering at the perfect time: Audiences are primed to read more books by and about black superheroes, particularly those confronting institutional racism and police violence.

The book drops readers immediately into the middle of the action as an NYPD officer is questioned about a police shooting she witnessed. Ellen Waters, who disappears from the pages fast enough to leave both skid marks and the hope she’ll return, describes the shooting of a young, unarmed black man by police officers, lamenting the lack …

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