Comedy Special Review: Tomfoolery, complaints, and a wedding in Eugene Mirman’s new Netflix special

On the list of qualities that elevate longtime comedy veterans to the unofficial high-leadership circle, toppers typically include some knack for articulating grand or challenging truths about the human experience through the rhythms and conventions of stand-up. And then there are folks like Eugene Mirman. Since his 2004 album The Absurd Nightclub Comedy Of Eugene Mirman, the Russian-born, Brooklyn-based comedian has honed his persona on the other end of the spectrum, as the consummate goofball in clubs and on the pop-culture periphery. His stage act—a warped mix of show-and-tell, mid-show question-and-answer periods, storytelling, peculiar car thoughts, and understated zingers—furthers his reputation as an affable mischief-maker, the sort who can openly shit on his comedy special’s host city (“Tucson! The greatest city in the area!”) and do so without any genuine appearance of pomposity or ill will. (Customer service agents and the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire may …

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