Comedy Special Review: Jim Norton blends truth with perversion in Contextually Inadequate

There’s a type of comedian who’s seen less and less in today’s fractured, alternative-leaning comedy landscape. He subsists with little pretense and has a loud confidence that’s grounded in extreme self-awareness. This type of comic has an edge of alpha maleness kept in check by a willingness to declare his own shortcomings. Because he’s comfortable making himself the butt of a joke, he feels justified and well equipped to point his measured gaze at any and all targets. Comics of this ilk are a dying breed, epitomized by guys like Bill Burr, Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Nick DiPaolo, and, of course, Jim Norton.

Norton lives in a world he views rife with sanctimony, false outrage, political correctness, and far-reaching idiocy. And he sees these societal defects everywhere, so much so that his brand of comedy is best described as cultural commentary. Following 2012’s Please …

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