Comedy Special Review: Hannibal Buress’ sneaky comic punch shines in Comedy Camisado

A camisado is a nighttime sneak attack. It’s also an apt description of Hannibal Buress’ comedy style. With his gravelly mumble and perpetually sleepy eyes (he describes himself, post-Lasix, as “sorta like how Milhouse from The Simpsons looks without his glasses”), Buress sounds like an amiable stoner, or, like his Broad City character, someone so laid back that he’s entered another plane of existence entirely. Indeed, in performance, Buress weaves in and out. Not in clarity—Buress’ comic voice is strong and focused—but in the way he approaches his subjects, coming in at odd angles, landing a joke with a solid snap, then riding his singular delivery to the next target. Unlike comics who rely on performance and attitude to carry substandard material, Buress’ jokes emerge inextricably linked to his persona.

Filmed in front of an appreciative crowd in Minneapolis, Buress’ new Netflix special sees the comic …

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