Comedy Album Review: Taylor Negron isn’t exactly himself on this posthumous collection

When comedian and character actor Taylor Negron died back in January, his passing registered with a lot more people that his level of moderate fame might have suggested. Apart from being a fixture in the Los Angeles stand-up scene (as well as his efforts as a playwright, director, and sought-after game show panelist), Negron remains most warmly remembered for his work as a supporting actor in movies and TV. His memorable main villain Milo in the Bruce Willis/Damon Wayans action flick The Last Boy Scout aside, Negron more reliably popped up as one-scene-stealers, his laconic, spacey, vaguely seedy presence making its mark as delivery boys, doormen, waiters, muggers, and unhelpful store clerks. (His memorable turns as seemingly identical, creepy mailmen in Better Off Dead and How I Got Into College suggested a mildly sinister interconnected Savage Steve Holland cinematic universe.)

There was something endearingly disreputable about Negron’s comic …

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