Character Study: Season 2 of Buffy had 3 Big Bads who let the good times roll

Big Bads: Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike
Aliases: Take your pick—Angel; The Vampire With A Soul; Dru; Mother Superior; William Pratt; Captain Peroxide; and more

History: It was the vampire Angelus who begat the vampire Drusilla, whom he dubbed his “masterpiece” on account of just how much he’d make her suffer. And Drusilla begat the vampire William, a poet who would later assume the mantle of Spike. Along with their grandsire Darla, they made up The Whirlwind, a vicious family of vampires that left wanton destruction in their wake. That is, until a curse gave Angelus back his soul, and he dropped the “-us” in his name as well as his old vampiric crew.

Flash forward to 1998, when, after a moment of “true happiness,” the curse was lifted and Angel’s soul disappeared once more. This was terrible news for Buffy, but it meant that the conscience-free vampire …

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