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Great Job, Internet!: Mourn along with this overview of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final films

No matter how much time passes, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death remains a huge blow to cinema. Hoffman was dependable to deliver nuanced performances that always elevated whatever project in which he worked. But were there any running themes in the projects he chose or the parts he played? And what emerges from looking at his final year of film, other […]

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Newswire: Seth MacFarlane is being sued over Ted talking bottle openers

Threatening to despoil the reputation of a film franchise whose latest ad features Tom Brady’s penis glowing in the dark, a lawsuit has been filed against the people behind the special edition Blu-ray/DVD of Ted that includes a talking bottle opener. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Seth MacFarlane, Universal Pictures, Media Rights Capital, and Target are being sued for violating […]

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Newswire: Exclusive Marvel preview: Guardians and Avengers unite in Guardians Team-Up #1

Nobody can say Marvel doesn’t know how to capitalize on a good thing, and after their hugely successful big-screen debut, the Guardians of the Galaxy have popped up all over the publisher’s output. Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord both have their own ongoing series (with a Gamora series planned for 2015, helmed by Guardians Of The Galaxy film co-writer Nicole Perlman), […]

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Newswire: Oshwa goes genre-hopping in the clip for “Why Are We Tonight?”

On its debut full-length Chamomile Crush, Oshwa took Tune-yards’ genre-hopping influence and distilled it into short bursts of art-pop all its own. Recently, the band entered NPR’s Tiny Desk video contest, and during the filming of its submission it took the time to make a video for a new song, “Why Are We Tonight?” The track builds upon the band’s […]

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Movie Review: My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn is a familiar account of an unusual film

My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn, Liv Corfixen’s behind-the-scenes look at the production of Only God Forgives, has a clear precedent in Hearts Of Darkness, Eleanor Coppola’s behind-the-scenes look at the production of Apocalypse Now. Both films depict a director fresh off of a critical and commercial success—Drive in Refn’s case, The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II in […]

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Run The Series: The star-studded Airport movies reach great heights of unintentional comedy

With Run The Series, The A.V. Club examines film franchises, studying how they change and evolve with each new installment. There’s a giddy pleasure to be had watching celebrities in (mostly fictional) peril. When bad things happen to iconic personalities, it bolsters a viewer’s sense of self. Life seems, perhaps perversely, a little less horrible when it’s clear that no […]

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