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Comics Panel: Howard The Duck is overstuffed; Giant Days and Sleepwalking captivate

Easter eggs and in-jokes are like catnip for nerds. Even if it’s something small, the jolt of recognition from seeing something hidden in plain sight for super-fans is always fun and a great excuse to feel obnoxiously proud of knowing something other people don’t. Howard The Duck #1 (Marvel) manages to walk the fine line between a deep dive aimed […]

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Newswire: NPR is streaming the new Death Cab and Sufjan Stevens albums

It’s a good day to be someone who feels ways about stuff, as NPR is streaming new albums from Death Cab For Cutie and Sufjan Stevens, and—as is to be expected—they both lean pretty hard on emotions. According to the NPR-riffic write-ups that accompany the streams, Death Cab’s album, Kintsugi, is named for “the Japanese art of fixing fragmented ceramics […]

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Newswire: The Russo brothers are officially directing the Avengers: Infinity War movies

It looks like that dastardly Joss Whedon—best known for murdering fan-favorite characters like Hoban Washburne and Agent Phil Coulson—is finally loosening his tyrannical grip on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Badass Digest, he’ll be stepping down from directing Avengers movies after Age Of Ultron, and he’ll be replaced by Joe and Anthony Russo on the two-part Infinity War story—confirming […]

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Newswire: Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby is being made into a movie

Given the way the Fight Club movie has skyrocketed from cult hit to required viewing for angsty teenagers, it’s surprising that more Chuck Palahniuk books haven’t gotten big-screen adaptations. Well, it would be surprising if so many of Palahniuk’s books weren’t aggressively weird and off-putting, at least. (cough cough). According to The Wrap, though, another one of Palahniuk’s novels is […]

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Newswire: Reggie Watts’ Late Late Show band is just called Karen

You know that woman in your office? The one who loves cats and Being A Mom and talking about her time share in Myrtle Beach? Who has a rotation of inspirational—albeit misattributed—quotes in her email signature and sends passive-aggressive messages around to the whole company about keeping the fridge clean? You know, Karen? Anyway, that’s Reggie Watts’ new band. Yes, […]

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