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TV Club: The Simpsons (Classic): “My Sister, My Sitter”

“My Sister, My Sitter” (originally aired 03/01/1997) In which one shouldn’t tell Bart the babysitter’s Lisa… On the DVD commentary track for “My Sister, My Sitter,” co-showrunner Josh Weinstein has his two children in the recording studio. Throughout the episode, they offer their own commentary, and someone with a serious dislike of children might look at their presence as a […]

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Newswire: The Red Sonja movie has a new writer, might actually happen

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nu Image/Millennium’s long-delayed Red Sonja movie has a new writer, suggesting that maybe it’ll actually happen now. Red Sonja, for anyone who doesn’t read comic books about beheading people, is a series that stars a red-haired and mostly naked barbarian woman—the eponymous Red Sonja—who does the sort of things a barbarian would do. She’s mostly […]

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TV Club: Saturday Night Live: “Dakota Johnson/Alabama Shakes”

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [movie/TV] star!” For all her Fifty Shades Of Grey currency, Dakota Johnson made her best impression yet as the co-lead of the undeservedly short-lived sitcom Ben And Kate, where her winsome charms as a capable single mom coping with both her irresponsible brother and her perpetual personal abashment provided a showcase for her not-inconsiderable […]

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Newswire: Chris Meloni to star in WGN’s Underground Railroad show, Kanye West might do the music

Since WGN has been airing Cubs games for years, many viewers have a hard time associating it with things that are successful. However, WGN’s break into original programming has done significantly better than the Cubs have in the last 100 years, and the network has already given its flagship shows—Salem and Manhattan—second seasons. Now it’s hoping to continue avoiding Cubs-like […]

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