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Great Job, Internet!: Watch this never-before-seen Talking Heads concert from 1980

Stop Making Sense, the Jonathan Demme directed “performance film” of The Talking Heads’ 1983 tour, is a musical delight and a visual feast that captured the band at the height of its popularity, but also already in a more settled phase. That’s a different look than this new, full-length concert by the Heads that’s surfaced thanks to the good people […]

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Movie Review: The trilogy-capping Taken 3 is action-movie slop

The neatest thing about Taken, the French-made chase flick that launched the action-star phase of Liam Neeson’s career, is the way it bundles together a whole lot of parental and urban fears, then sublimates them into pummeling action. It’s a movie of relentless and reckless momentum, premised on a middle-age paranoid kook’s worst case scenario. Taken 2 tried to one-up […]

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Newswire: Bill Cosby acknowledges rape allegations with a joke

Last night—after months of allowing his lawyers, family members, and fictional housewives to speak for him, demanding that the media be “neutral” by not asking him difficult questions, and maintaining that he “does not intend to dignify” the accusations against him—Bill Cosby made his first public acknowledgment of those charges, dignifying them with a joke in his comedy show. After […]

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Great Job, Internet!: The Real Ghostbusters go anime in “Tokyo Ghostbusters”

For kids of a certain age, Ghostbusters was as much about cartoons as it was the movie. The Real Ghostbusters felt like a seamless extension of the big screen version—even if Egon’s hair inexplicably looked like vanilla soft serve ice cream. Phillip “Shamoozal” Summers of Nacho Punch has taken The Real Ghostbusters and crafted his own version of it in […]

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