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Great Job, Internet!: Watch Mayweather vs. Pacquiao as a Punch-Out!! game

On Saturday, the entirety of sports-watching humanity suffered through a colossal disappointment as Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao in what was billed as the ”fight of the century.” Instead, for $100 a pop, both boxing fans and drinking fans suffered through 12 rounds of running, defense, hugging, and, ultimately, seeing a villain win a fighting match without much actual fighting. […]

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Newswire: Jonas Akerlund, Vice team up for trve kvlt biopic Lords Of Chaos

Vice‘s check to Satan must have finally cleared, because the rapidly growing media company is teaming up with RSA London and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions to produce a movie based on Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind’s book Lords Of Chaos: The Bloody Rise Of The Satanic Metal Underground. The book, first published in 1998, offers an overview of the […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Andy Milonakis lives out dreams of wealth and success in his new video

MTV2’s The Andy Milonakis Show has not aired a new episode since 2007, but its eternally youthful-looking host has not disappeared from public view, thanks to both social media and appearances on things like Kroll Show. Comedian and musician Andy Milonakis, now 39, still tweets all the damned time and regularly updates his YouTube channel, too. Occasionally, he also releases […]

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Newswire: Duck Dynasty somehow fails to catch on with musical theater fans

Exposing the theater community’s shocking, deep-seated bigotry toward awful theater, Duck Commander Musical, based on the reality show Duck Dynasty, is closing after barely a month’s worth of performances. The show debuted on April 8 at Las Vegas’ Rio Hotel, translating the experience of watching the Robertson family traipse around the Louisiana backwoods, sifting through raccoon shit and deeply conservative […]

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Newswire: Someone wasn’t careful with their dragons, and now HBO screeners are going digital

Among the many lessons and messages Game Of Thrones has scattered across its CGI pop-up map, there’s this: Be careful how you handle your most precious resources. Those resources can be gold or fire-breathing serpents or DVD screeners of Game Of Thrones, the latter of which have traditionally found their way to TV critics and journalists prior to each new […]

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Hear This: Tracy Bonham’s “Mother Mother” is freezing to death but everything’s fine

In Hear This, A.V. Club writers sing the praises of songs they know well. This week, in celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re picking songs about moms—or that have a mom-related word in their titles. Tracy Bonham, “Mother Mother” (1996) I was never really into Tracy Bonham, but being a child of mid-’90s alt-rock radio, I know every single word to […]

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