Cannes Film Festival: Winding down Cannes with a treasure hunt and a misguided immigrant drama

7:45 a.m Hotel check-out takes longer than hoped for, and I end up arriving at the Grand Théâtre Lumière just late enough to be denied entry to a press screening, but too early to be let into the Palais, where the press lounge is located. I wait on a bench near the red carpet. Across from me is a bearded man in a full tuxedo with a big Jake Gittes bandage over his nose, half-soaked with blood. He is hungrily eating a panini. I consider this my one and only glimpse at the Felliniesque element of Cannes.

11:31 a.m. Jacques Audiard’s Main Competition entry Dheepan (Grade: C) is one of those bad Taxi Driver interpretations that takes Travis Bickle at face value, except it’s disguised—at first, anyway—as a drama about three Sri Lankan Tamils who get refugee status in France by pretending …

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