Book Review: Yes! Daniel Bryan’s pro wrestling memoir is worth a read

Daniel Bryan is known by wrestling fans around the globe as World Wrestling Entertainment’s ultimate underdog: a superstar of independent wrestling who struggled to gain his footing in television’s land of giants, only to overcome the odds with a fan base that helped propel him to the 2014 main event of the sports entertainment organization’s biggest annual event, WrestleMania.

But the man who started as Bryan Danielson is also known for—and admits to—being something of a bland personality. Fans love his technical style, and he has always prided himself on working hard, which has endeared him to hardcore professional wrestling fans. But a good portion of the business involves cutting promos and “getting over” as a character, and Bryan will never be one of the greatest showmen on a microphone.

That, however, is part of what made his journey to WrestleMania such an interesting and …

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