Book Review: The Unruly Woman rises and stumbles in BuzzFeed writer’s new essay collection

Anne Helen Petersen resides in the same space as the boundary-pushing subjects of her essay collection, Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise And Reign Of The Unruly Woman. As a senior culture writer at BuzzFeed, Petersen regularly puts her doctorate in media studies and years of experience in celebrity gossip to good use, calling attention to matters and people that other publications might dismiss offhand, like the significance of Kim Kardashian’s arduous pregnancy. There’s nothing brash about Petersen’s cultural writings—which are as accessible as they are carefully researched—but they still demand attention from the lunchtime reader, who might be in the middle of scanning the site for a quiz to determine their Patronus. Her cultural writings aren’t just a highlight of that particular site; they’re among some of the most insightful works in the field, period.

Petersen’s first book dealt …

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