Book Review: Take a tour through Imaginary Cities, from Blade Runner to High-Rise to Gotham

For as long as human beings have huddled together in communities, architecture has played a role in their lives. From the oldest settlements to today’s metropolises, structures and planned spaces have helped organize social relations in ways both intentional and unforeseeable. And, like a novel, these spaces and structures can be read and interpreted. What they say about their visionaries and their effect, or intended effect, on their inhabitants can be similarly understood—even the cities and buildings that exist only in our imaginations, whether they be fictional, planned but unbuilt, or lost to time. It is these dreamt-of spaces that author Darran Anderson puts under the magnifying glass in his latest book, Imaginary Cities: A Tour Of Dream Cities, Nightmare Cities, And Everywhere In Between.

While the book does address real-life cities, as well as unbuilt plans, it largely focuses on the work of totally fictitious spaces—from …

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