Book Review: Shonda Rhimes’ Year Of Yes is for devout Shondaland fans only

By all accounts, Shonda Rhimes is an impressive, amazingly successful person. She is a showrunner who has cornered her own entire evening on ABC’s Thursday nights, running three shows that feature strong women in the leads. Kerry Washington and Viola Davis are heading the first dramas starring women of color since 1974’s Get Christie Love. Davis has already won an Emmy for her efforts. Rhimes cites herself as an “F.O.D.,” a “first, only, different person” who has blazed a new trail for women of color in television production.

What Rhimes crafts are entire worlds—a hospital, a private practice, a political consultant firm—full of drama and intrigue and not a little romance. It’s not for nothing that her logo is a giant heart surrounded by a roller coaster, in a world she calls Shondaland. In her first memoir, Rhimes reveals that she started creating …

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