Book Review: Reductress’ clever, funny book teaches women How To Win At Feminism

Called “The Onion for women,” Reductress is a much-needed antithesis to the faux-feminist women’s magazines and their ilk that purport to empower women while really reinforcing the many ways women are taught to feel inadequate. Subversive, satirical, and monstrously clever, the writers at Reductress know how to skewer the “how-to” magazine article as well as the click bait-y listicles centered on self-improvement and products. It’s funny content that’s also furious with the gendered status quo, especially noticeable when Reductress goes beyond workplace sexism and double standards, as it did in August when the entire landing page was dedicated to rape stories.

And that’s both the good and the bad of Reductress‘ book, How To Win At Feminism. It’s high quality and exceptionally well done, but there’s so much information packed into what feels at times like an overlong article. Such wryly self-aware satire is …

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