Book Review: Mobile Library wends a charming but forgettable journey

Although it’s not classified as such, Mobile Library reads like a young-adult novel, in all the best ways. The young protagonist, Bobby Nusku, has an absent mother and an abusive father, and he meets a woman and her daughter who help him find refuge from loneliness and violence. They escape reality in a mobile library and drive across the U.K. in search of a cyborg friend, meeting a new but possibly dangerous comrade along the way.

The modern-day fairy tale is sweet and charming and a little offbeat, and author David Whitehouse beautifully captures the imagination and fears of a 12-year-old boy without fully retreating into that dream world. Although the details are slowly unraveled throughout the full length of the book, it’s clear from the get-go that Bobby has had a tough go of it: his mom is absent and his dad is dating a two-dimensionally …

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