Book Review: John Oates’ memoir is full of rock and soul

Early on in Change Of Seasons, John Oates maps out the direction of his memoir. Although his personal history converges frequently with that of Daryl Hall, his musical partner of over 45 years, it’s still very much a solo venture. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer has meticulously pieced together his memoir from an expansive collection of journals that goes as far back as his teen years in small-town Pennsylvania through the height of the group’s popularity. His work with Hall, with whom he’s been friends for over 50 years, isn’t at all minimized; it’s the backbeat that runs throughout Oates’ tale. But despite their closeness, the musical partners never tried to speak for one another, a tradition that Oates is determined to follow in his book.

Although the author doesn’t see the need to make this distinction, let’s get one thing …

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