Book Review: Go Set A Watchman is a mixed bag of nostalgia and end-of-childhood awfulness

Harper Lee’s new novel, the much anticipated and much-written about Go Set A Watchman, is a difficult book. A lot of questions still surround it. Is it actually a sequel to Lee’s classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird, or just a curious appendix to that work? Did the writer, who famously vowed never to publish another book after her first, even want it published, or was its release the product of a literary executor taking advantage of the author’s advanced age? Maybe the most pressing question for readers is: How should one read this book?

Some commentators and critics believe that Watchman should be read as a singular work, apart from Mockingbird, in spite of the fact that both books deal with the same characters and settings, some 20 years apart. This approach is tempting. Atticus Finch, one of the most beloved characters in the history of …

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