Book Review: For a fantasy fable, there’s little fantasy and no fable in Salman Rushdie’s latest

Genre fiction has always been poking around the mainstream, but now more than ever it’s enjoying unprecedented success. Sci-fi and historical fiction, fantasy and bawdy romance, superheroes and dragons, are an integral part of the mainstream media diet, be it in literature, television, or film. Perhaps it’s no surprise that fantasy and sci-fi are enjoying widespread appeal. After all, most can relate to the way those genres explore class division, oppression, economic and moral collapse, and the constant fight between good and evil. Such themes feel particularly relevant and urgent in 2015, and the best fantasy and sci-fi writing isn’t an outlandish exploration of the future or some magical past, but a insightful examination of our current culture.

Salman Rushdie’s latest novel, Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights, is a fantasy fable, or at least its evocation of magic, colliding worlds, and sprawling timelines suggest …

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