Book Review: Finally, an engaging and comprehensive book about rape culture

About the same time I started reading Kate Harding’s new book about rape culture, Billboard put out a questionnaire to music execs. One of those questions asks, “Who do you believe?” The options: Kesha or Dr. Luke. Last year, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, her producer, alleging rape and a host of other abuses. With the legal proceedings still in motion, why would Billboard—or whoever at Billboard put the questionnaire together—think it’s okay for a bunch of random music executives to have an opinion on whether Kesha was sexually assaulted?

It’s a recent example of rape culture and how insidious it is. Harding writes in the introduction of Asking For It that when she decided to write the book rape culture was having “a moment,” with lots of press coverage and a growing awareness of a culture that systematically trivializes rape. Instead of …

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