Book Review: Felicia Day’s memoir is fun but shallow

Felicia Day is known on a certain geeky corner of the internet as the “queen of the geeks.” In her introduction to her memoir, Day writes that “it’s a title I reject personally, but when someone else uses it, I go ahead and enjoy it as a compliment.” She doesn’t say why she rejects is personally, but she does follow up the sentence with a silly joke: “Because who doesn’t want to inherit a dynasty just because of their gene-stuffs? No work, just Born special!” Fans of Felicia Day likely want to know why she rejects the moniker “queen of the geeks”—here’s an example of the fraught place Day holds in her spot of geek culture, a space of broad accessibility that contains the work of Joss Whedon and Day’s own The Guild series, but a culture that also frequently shames women …

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